javascript engine
JavaScript. Memory. Architecture and Lifecycle.
· ☕ 14 min read
Let's explore JavaScript memory architecture. Processes of memory allocation and release. It's JavaScript, so of course, we'll check a few interesting quirks and features. And go over some of the most popular memory leaks.

Run, JavaScript, Run
· ☕ 18 min read
Nowadays hard to find any piece of software that does not use JavaScript in one way or another. Anything from small startups to large enterprises use tools and apps written in JavaScript, builds tools and apps in JavaScript... So JavaScript runs the world (at least the virtual part), but what runs JavaScript? And that's exactly the question we are going to answer!

Web Browser Anatomy
· ☕ 8 min read
Web Browser is a big and sophisticated application, built from multiple components. It obligated to satisfy different boring standards, to facilitate developers with stable contracts. You might know these contracts as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Any valid code or markup will be recognized and processed by one of the browser modules. The browser glues together all its modules with the Browser Object Model (BOM) API, aka Web API. This is something that empowers JavaScript to operate on HTML and CSS.